Case Study: Connected Energy

Thailand's PTT Group Shortens Path
to Net-Zero Goal

What is Thailand’s largest oil & gas company doing to achieve net zero emission?
Harness an intelligent AIoT platform that empowers Thailand’s first AIoT Smart Grid.

PTT achieved its ambitious target: Net-zero emission increase.

About PTT Group.

PTT Group – a Fortune Global 500 company – is Thailand’s largest listed oil and gas company, with >THB 2.2T (USD 73B) annual revenue (2019), >27,900 employees, and projects across >10 countries.

PTT is focused on sustainable energy security, with businesses across electricity generation, upstream to downstream petroleum, coal, and infrastructure businesses. 

In 2015, PTT established Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC), a world-class research and educational institute to develop high-performing scientists and drive innovation for the nation.

PTT Group’s Challenge.

PTT Group has a strategic objective: Net zero emission increase. To achieve that, the company knew it needed innovative solutions in digital transformation and energy transition.

PTT decided to use its VISTEC Campus as a pilot in the journey towards becoming a smart digital energy enterprise. VISTEC’s innovation success is critical, as it will serve as a pilot for similar projects across PTT’s other assets in Thailand.

What PTT Group Achieved

Envision Digital helped PTT build Thailand’s first AIoT Smart Grid System.

Accurate decision-making with single source of truth.

Envision Digital helped PTT achieve a unified view of disparate assets in VISTEC, so it can rely on a single source of truth for accurate decision-making. By implementing the smart grid system on EnOS™ AIoT platform, distributed energy resources such as floating/rooftop solar panels and charging stations are integrated on a single IoT platform.

Smart optimization of energy production, storage, and consumption.

Leveraging AI, data across the distributed energy resources is seamlessly used to optimize energy generation, storage, and consumption within the campus. Advanced analytics and monitoring applications on the AIoT platform also detect power anomalies and predict failures for preemptive action – reducing energy loss.

Maximize power generation with confidence.

With Envision Digital forecasting applications (EnWeather & Forecaster), PTT now achieve highly accurate, real-time weather, solar power, and load predictions that allow planning precision and control. The VISTEC campus can hence optimize power production with confidence.