Our Partners

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Envision Digital works with forward-thinking partners to make our solutions more robust and relevant for you. So you achieve innovation goals quicker. And realize strategic outcomes faster.

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Our Partners

Envision Digital and Cap Gemini/Altran are working together to accelerate the world towards net zero. Our renewable energy collaboration includes exciting green hydrogen projects such as Hydeal.

Envision Digital and Anacle System Ltd worked as a consortium on multiple projects in Singapore. Anacle delivers smart facility management and smart retail management that interoperates with Envision Digital’s AIoT platform EnOS™, to enable smart towns and ports.

Envision Digital is partnering Deutsche Telekom AG to deliver a charging solution for electric vehicles (EVs) in Germany. The new solution, which enables EV drivers to charge their cars quickly at private parking spaces, is based on Envision Digital’s all-in-one package “Charging by EnOS™” and combines hardware, software, installation, and an electricity tariff with 100 % green energy.

In 2020, Eaton and Envision Digital have entered into an important strategic agreement to promote and realize the digital transformation in China.

Envision Digital is partnering with Enesource to actively explore energy saving solutions that help industrial parks transform into eco-industrial parks.

Envision Digital and Microsoft Azure IoT deliver enterprise grade solutions for energy, allowing you to scale easier, connect better, and analyse faster, with the confidence and peace of mind that comes from the most robust security on the market.
Envision Digital and Microsoft’s partners provide field hardware, pre-built applications and an easy to use IoT toolkit. Reach net zero and innovate rapidly with confidence through smart energy solutions on EnOSTM and Microsoft Azure.

Envision Digital is partnering with Mott MacDonald on net zero carbon energy projects. We’re currently working together to create a world-class clean energy industrial park for a leading local authority in the UK.

Envision Digital is an official member of the SAP PartnerEdge – Build program. The program sees Envision Digital working with SAP to rapidly design, innovate, and commercialize relevant applications that the world requires. To scale innovation. And get the world to net zero.

Solarvest is the exclusive distributor and delivery partner of Envision Digital’s cloud-based advanced analytics applications for Malaysia’s solar industry. By harnessing Envision Digital’s innovative technologies, Solarvest is creating a new value proposition to help Malaysian customers embrace the solar revolution.

Envision Digital has partnered ST Engineering Urban Solutions, Smart Utilities & Infrastructure to provide the AIoT platform EnOS™ to accelerate the smartification and net zero journey of their clients.

Envision Digital and T-RECS.AI combined our technology expertise to bridge renewable energy demand and supply gap across the world.
With the world’s first end-to-end renewable energy certificate (RECs) ecosystem, renewable energy asset owners can match exact demand and supply requirements. Reducing green energy constraints. Empowering new revenue streams. And ultimately, contributing to a greener world.

Envision Digital partnered Tridium to support countries around the world pursuing decarbonized growth via smart parks or smart infrastructure deployment. Envision Digital is combining its expertise in smart energy management (solar, wind and storage) and AIoT optimization with Tridium’s expertise in digital services for smart park and smart building management. To unlock new capabilities that empowers a greener future.

Together, Envision Digital and IBM are bettering renewable energy management solutions. How? By leveraging Envision Digital’s AIoT technology and IBM’s sustainability management offerings. This powerful combination allows customers to decarbonize their businesses more effectively. From strategic planning. To day-to-day operations and maintenance. To product or facility lifecycle management.


As one of the founding members of the Green Hydrogen Catapult initiative, Envision Digital aims to drive hydrogen costs down to below $2 per kg. To fast-track energy transition across the most carbon-intensive industries, accelerating the journey to net zero.

Envision Digital and a group of 30 pioneering energy players across Europe initiated ‘HyDeal Ambition’ to deliver 100% green hydrogen at the price of fossil fuels: €1.5 per kg before 2030. A series of projects and partnerships are currently being launched involving several of the 30 participants, with a first initiative expected within a year in Spain, based on a portfolio of solar sites with a capacity of close to 10 GW.

The Smart Building Alliance brings together more than 460 companies in businesses related to smart homes, smart buildings, and smart cities. The alliance promotes the use of interoperable solutions, based on open standards, in the development of these spaces. Ultimately, empowering greener and smarter spaces. Envision Digital joined the Smart Building Alliance in 2020.

As a partner of World Economic Forum, Envision Digital weighed in on post-COVID-19 green stimulus measures. We are also part of the continuing net zero conversations.