The Net Zero Champion

Lei Zhang, CEO of Envision Group has been appointed a member of IEA’s Our Inclusive Energy Future Commission chaired by Dan Jørgensen, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Denmark and the Asia Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory (ASIA) Panel chaired by Indranee Rajah, Second Minister for Finance, Singapore.

We will miss the opportunity to limit global warming to 1.5°C if we do not act with urgency.

Unless we act swiftly and decisively, today’s climate crisis will soon translate into the end of a civilization and a planet. This is why Lei Zhang, CEO of Envision Group, is spearheading the Envision Net Zero Technology Partnership to rally the world’s largest businesses and organizations on measurable progress in carbon emissions reduction.

Lei Zhang, who is also the sole private sector member of a global think tank established by the International Energy Agency (IEA), Our Inclusive Energy Future: The Global Commission on People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions, urges every CEO to act with speed and take urgent action. The reason is simple: The outcome of our Net Zero commitment today is a sustainable future for our people.
“The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus could eventually be solved with a vaccine, but when the climate and ecological crisis we are facing reaches breaking point, we as mankind have no vaccine in hand. Unless we act fast, there will be nothing we can do except helplessly witness the end of a civilization and a planet.”
Lei Zhang
CEO, Envision Group

Our Net Zero Commitment

Net Zero is our Purpose

As a pioneer and leader in Net Zero technologies, the Envision Group is dedicated to aggressive climate action in our operations and across our value chain. We are also committed to helping our partners achieve breakthroughs in responding to the climate crisis.

The Envision Group's Net Zero Pledge

We are developing science-based targets aligned with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

By 2022, Envision will achieve carbon neutrality across our global operations.

By 2028, Envision will achieve carbon neutrality throughout our global value chain.

To achieve carbon neutrality in our operations, we will accelerate progress to reach 100% renewable electricity by as early as 2022.

Exemplifying Net Zero: Envision's Carbon Neutrality Report 2021

With the support of Carbon Trust, an international independent consulting organization, the Envision Group released its first Carbon Neutrality Report 2021.

The Carbon Neutrality Report 2021 presents environmental data across Envision Group’s operations and value chain. It also uncovers a detailed science-based emossion reduction roadmap for Envision Group to achieve operation-level carbon neutrality by 2022, as well as become the first company in China to attain value-chain carbon neutrality by 2028.

Discover Envision’s carbon neutrality strategies. And our solutions that are leading the industry towards new standards in Net Zero.

Empowering Net Zero Pledges in Energy and Beyond

As an AIoT leader in Energy, Envision has already supported holistic transformation towards Net Zero in the Energy space.

This includes helping organizations act on their carbon neutrality pledges, by overcoming complexities in strategic assessments on carbon emissions, and offering capabilities to quantitatively track and measure emissions across the entire value chain.

The efforts are made possible by Envision’s leading technology solutions for renewables, batteries, Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) software for energy and full Machine-to-Machine (M2M) efficiency, and carbon economy / electricity certificate trading solutions.

Key Outcomes so Far

To date, key outcomes include:

  • Smart wind turbines that dramatically reduced the cost of wind power per kilowatt.
  • Smart and connected lithium-ion batteries that are creating a cleaner automotive industry.
  • An open-sourced-based AIoT operating system that connects and manages more than 100 million smart devices and over 200 gigawatts of energy assets globally (EnOS), empowering cleaner energy sources.
  • A blockchain-powered Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) trading solution, ensuring easier and certifiable access to renewable energy.

Envision Ark: The Technological Change to Start your Net Zero Journey

The realization of a Net Zero future depends on groundbreaking technological breakthrough today.

Critical Carbon Neutrality Challenges

Today, companies and organizations face mounting challenges in their journey towards Net Zero. These include:

  • Labor-intensive data collection. Collection of carbon emission data across an organization’s operations (e.g., usage of electricity, gas, heat, water, and steam) is a protracted and labor-intensive process.
  • Unreliable data. Due to fragmentation in organisation, processes and technologies, data quality may be compromised.
  • Challenging IT integration. It is challenging to integrate data from various IT data sources.
  • Carbon offset difficulties. It is often challenging to purchase carbon offsets that are 100% verified and aligned with international best practices.

The End-to-End Solution for Net Zero

To spur the kind of revolutionary innovation that will enable this goal, Envision Digital developed Envision Ark, a Carbon Management System that helps organizations plan and manage their journey towards Net Zero carbon emissions.

The Envision Ark Carbon Management System monitors the real-time carbon footprint of companies and organizations, and automatically generates a carbon emission report to visualize that data – making it simple for business leaders to envisage pathways to desired outcomes. Taking an organization’s operations and value chain into account, Envision Ark also provides an optimal carbon reduction roadmap. In addition, it allows organizations to directly purchase green electricity, and obtain, trade and retire environmental attributes.

Why Envision Ark?

By acquiring data directly from IoT devices (e.g., Electricity, heat, water, and steam meters), organizations radically cut manual data collection efforts, and considerably improve data quality by reducing human error and incomplete datasets. This significantly enhances carbon neutrality report accuracy and resolution. Real-time collection and automatic calculation of carbon emissions also means the data is traceable and auditable.

Carbon abatement intelligence drives better outcomes.

By harnessing AI, Envision Ark better simulates and evaluates abatement plans, CO2, and cost impact – allowing organizations to gain more accurate insight for decision-making. It also offers enhanced abatement performance measurement and reduces costs of abatement measures (whether across your HVAC systems, via renewable energy use, by PPA or more).

Carbon offset integration means closing the net zero loop.

Envision Ark closes the Net Zero loop by offering access to a global pool of 100% verified carbon offsets. The integration of carbon offset with reporting also improves an organization’s planning agility and capability to enable better timing of purchases and overall efficiency.

Get to Net Zero with Us

Envision is committed to helping our partners and customers attain your Net Zero goals.

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Working together for a sustainable future.

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