The Envision Net Zero Partner

Net-zero is our purpose, technology is our leverage, and partnership is our approach

With the challenges posed by climate change being more urgent than ever now, Envision Group, as a pioneer and leader in net zero technologies, will take bold action to rally our collective efforts towards solving the climate crisis. We have set challenging individual goal for carbon neutrality and is committed to becoming the world’s leading net zero technology partner for enterprises, governments, and cities.

Our Commitment

Envision is dedicated to aggressive climate action in our operations and across our value chain. We will develop science-based targets aligned with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

By 2022, Envision will achieve carbon neutrality across our global operations.

By 2028, Envision will achieve carbon neutrality throughout our global value chain.

To achieve carbon neutrality in our operations, we will accelerate progress to reach 100% renewable electricity by as early as 2022.

Members will be able to:

  • Track their emissions real-time automatically and reliably on a global level without the need to manually collect information
  • Reduce their energy consumption thanks to AI-based optimization coupled with relevant controls and actionable insights. 
  • Offset the remaining emissions in near real-time by purchasing RECs and other carbon economy certificates
  • Obtain support for deep energy transformation programs such as local Power Purchase Agreements, installation of photovoltaic and batteries and advancing towards hydrogen.
  • Access in real time transparent reports on carbon emission, reduction and offsetting that is automated and tokenized.
1 Billion Tons
As of today, Envision’s technology already underpins Net Zero solutions, contributing to avoid 200 million tons equivalent of CO2 per year, from renewable generation to storage, EV batteries, energy efficiency and facilitation of certificates trading.
Together with our partners, we aim to avoid 1 Billion Tons and urge you to sign up for this challenge to reach the goal with us.
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