EnOS™ AIoT Platform

Where AI meets IoT on a single intelligent operating system.

Open platform at the core
Empowered with today’s most innovative technologies
Incorporates best practices from vertical domains

110M smart devices connected 
>300GW of energy assets managed globally

The EnOS™ Revolution

Where Information Technology (IT), Operation Technology (OT) and Energy Technology (ET) meet.

EnOS™, Envision Digital’s proprietary AIoT operating system, connects and manages more than 110 million smart devices and 300 gigawatts of energy assets globally, while its growing ecosystem of more than 380 customers and partners spans 10 industries.

EnOS™ provides pre-built decarbonization and digitalization applications and a complete suite of connectivity and device management, application enablement and analytics capabilities, focusing on asset-intensive industries like energy and utilities, manufacturing and transportation. Its platform is open-source focused on preventing lock-in effects, supporting on-prem, public cloud, and hybrid cloud deployments to offer ultimate adaptability and flexibility from edge to cloud.

Together with the decarbonization hardware offerings from Envision Digital and our ecosystem (renewable generation, energy storage etc), we bring integrated solutions that leverage Information Technology (IT), Operation Technology (OT) and Energy Technology (ET) for our industrial clients from hardware manufacturers to energy and utility players or large infrastructure operators.

Aiming to abstract the domain expertise to enable transformation in a more efficient and intelligent way, EnOSTM is designed with a model-driven philosophy and provides 3000+ industry device models, 200+ protocol adaptors, 360+ AI models, and various solution templates for intelligent renewables, connected energy, smart spaces and smart plants. Altogether, they help to accelerate the time to solution and transformation.

How can EnOS™ AIoT Platform help you scale innovation?

Intelligent Renewables

How EnOS™ AIoT transforms Intelligent Renewables

- IoT-enabled remote monitoring and control drives operational excellence.
- AI-powered advanced analytics reduces critical maintenance cost and generation loss.
- Accurate forecasting of power generation and net load help maintain system reliability, maximize renewable energy resources, and minimize carbon emission for the whole system.

Who it benefits

Power generators, grid operators.

Gain significant competitive advantages and cost savings.

Smart Spaces

How EnOS™ AIoT transforms Smart Spaces

- Broken-down silos combined with powerful predicative and real-time abilities offer accurate insights to improve customer experience, drive demand and economic growth.
- Highly secure platform meets the most stringent security requirements which ensures a secure and green life. 
- Intelligent capabilities eliminates gap between spaces and the grid, maximizing use of renewables.

Who it benefits

Governments, cities, building and port operators, electric vehicle operators.

Transform at scale and actively co-opt citizens/customers as co-creators of a sustainable future.

Connected Energy

How EnOS™ AIoT transforms Connected Energy

- Intelligent platform offers real-time energy data across energy generation and consumption devices, storages, grids to enhance energy management.
- Predictive energy management optimizes energy consumption and eliminate leaks to drive cost savings.
- Smart storage improves asset performance while enhancing safety. Flexible cloud-based solutions lower TCO and provide nearly unlimited capacity.

Who it benefits

Cities, buildings, grid operators.

Optimize renewable energy production and use. Achieve significant savings and competitive advantages.

Smart Plants

How EnOS™ AIoT transforms Smart Plants

- Remote monitoring and control supports energy needs of a smart, fully automated plant.
- Connected energy optimizes complex energy use in plants, dramatically reducing costs and carbon emissions. 
- Predictive analytics identifies and rectifies potential asset and energy issues before they occur enhancing production efficiency.

Who it benefits

Manufacturers, plant operators, factories.

Generate considerable savings from the way energy is managed in plants. Redefine efficiency and productivity.

EnOS™ AIoT Platform Capabilities

EnOS™, a highly adaptable platform that runs from almost anywhere, harnesses industry best practices and common services so every aspect of your value chain can contribute to step change, faster.

EnOS™ AIoT Product Offerings

EnOS™ Edge

The Intelligent Edge Computing Platform

Enable faster insights, quicker response times and less bandwidth, by bringing thousands of devices closer to data. Get high connectivity and edge intelligence at low cost.

EnOS™ Cloud

The Enterprise-Grade AIoT Technology Foundation Built For Complex Needs

Connect millions of devices and systems to monetize your data assets. Develop applications to unlock business insights and uncover new revenue models.

EnOS™ Common Services

Smart Applications as a Service

Our pre-built intelligent software-as-a-service (SaaS) rather than develop your own. Reduce time to value. Lower costs. Scale up or down with ease. And benefit from new upgrades.

EnOS™ Visualization

The Smart Data Visualization Solution

EnOS™ Visualization, helps businesses make better decision by communicating data in a manner even a non-IT professional can understand. Empowering smarter decisions that improves business results.


The Smart Weather Prediction Solution

EnWeather combines advanced modeling techniques, cutting-edge technologies, public data, and your own observation data into forecasts that matter. Across a multitude of industries.