EnOS™ Monitoring

Step change asset productivity with real-time insights.

Explore how EnOS™ Monitoring helped these customers succeed.

Case Study: Connected Energy

Thailand's PTT Group Shortens Path to Net Zero Goal

Thailand is on its way to Net Zero with the country’s largest oil and gas company developing its first AIoT smart grid system.

Case Study: Intelligent Renewables (Smart Solar)

Malaysia's TNB Renewables Meets Growing Solar Demand with AIoT 

With Malaysia being equatorial, find out how TNB is leveraging cloud solutions to enhance solar energy demands.

Case Study: Intelligent Renewables (Smart Solar)

Japan's ORIX Mainstreams Renewables with Maintenance Transformation

What do you do with unused land? Build mega solar plants. Learn how Orix Renewable Energy Management is harnessing technology to generate renewable energy.

EnOS Monitoring enables real-time the monitoring of your assets at the level of data granularity you desire. Access customized workspaces and dashboards to get the highest level of productivity. While future proofing your asset portfolio.

EnOS™ Monitoring Capabilities

  • Track. Get a live dashboard view of your asset status, customized with the key metrics you need.
  • Trigger. Alert the right people to irregularities in asset performance with automated alarms and warnings.
  • Report. Generate a wide variety of reports to support decision-making.

Key Benefits of EnOS™ Monitoring

Get the most from your assets with real-time monitoring.

Optimize asset health.

Enhance asset health and extend asset lifespan by rapidly respond to anomalies before they become full-blown faults.

Cut costs.

Perform maintenance work only when required. Cut costs associated with inspecting and maintaining assets that are working perfectly well.

Enhance workforce safety.

Improve workforce health and safety by reducing the risks associated with on-site asset inspections.

Make better decisions.

Improve decision-making with highly configurable reporting tools. Overlay multiple sets to create useful charts and export them for different stakeholders.

Resolve issues elegantly.

Enhance troubleshooting solutions with smarter root cause analysis, by visualizing both active and historical alarm events.

Increase asset productivity.

Reduce unplanned downtime and improve asset utilization.