EnOS™ Cloud

The platform for digital connectivity.

Connect and monetize massive data assets with a flexible, innovative cloud platform.

Connect millions of devices and systems to monetize your data assets. Develop applications to model new business scenarios, unlock valuable insights, and uncover new revenue models.

EnOS™ Cloud, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), provides a full range of capabilities for you to manage, analyze, and exploit your massive data assets.

EnOS™ Cloud

Features & Benefits

Unlock new revenue streams

by understanding how data can be monetized.

Enhance business resilience while reducing cost

with numerous scenario-based cost optimization – from asset monitoring to highly-complex what-ifs.

Develop business applications with ease

to accelerate innovation and shorten time to market.

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

for physical and data assets.

Derive rapid value

with built-in industry best practices that help accelerate work processes.

EnOS™ Cloud Capabilities

Flexible, innovative cloud platform-as-a-service that monetizes data assets.

Why Customers Adopt EnOS™ Cloud

EnOS™ Cloud Product Offerings

EnOS™ IoT Hub​

Connect, digitalize, and manage millions of devices – rapidly, easily.

What is EnOS™ IoT Hub? 

The EnOS™ IoT Hub provides rich connectivity solutions and a built-in model library to connect and digitalize huge numbers of heterogeneous devices, quickly. 

Explore EnOS™ IoT Hub Capabilities

– Manage millions of IoT devices from the cloud – simplifying asset operation, with full device lifecycle management capabilities.
– Optimize asset health and productivity with predictive maintenance capabilities and maintenance transparency. 

What is EnOS™ Enterprise Data Platform?

The EnOS™ Enterprise Data Platform allows you to manage your massive, disparate data assets – from IoT data to business and operational data, and more. 


Explore EnOS™ Enterprise Data Platform Capabilities

– Simplify data discovery to support business needs with powerful data processing capabilities.

– Improve data access for users and applications with efficient data storage and segregation optimized for industry scenarios.

– Increase data reliability and security with robust IoT data governance across the data lifecycle – from device to cloud, to application. 

EnOS™ Enterprise Data Platform​

Orchestrate massive data assets across devices and systems.

EnOS™ Enterprise Analytics Platform​

Unleash the power of data from disparate systems.

What is EnOS™ Enterprise Analytics Platform? 

The EnOS™ Enterprise Analytics Platform offers AI tools and a built-in AI model library to help unleash the power of data from disparate systems. It accelerates AI model development and monetization. And realizes data-driven insights and decisions. 

Explore EnOS™ Enterprise Analytics Platform Capabilities

– Fully harness the power of data with full lifecycle management of machine learning models – from experiment stage to production stage.
– Achieve dynamic management and continuous optimization of machine learning models. 

What is EnOS™ Application Enablement Platform? 

The EnOS™ Application Enablement Platform offers end-to-end tooling through the application lifecycle: From development to deployment, operation, and extension.


Explore EnOS™ Application Enablement Platform Capabilities

– Empower both professional and citizen developers to quickly build applications on EnOS™ with rich APIs, SDKs, and low-code visualization tools.
– Achieve agile innovation by bringing applications to market in a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) mode.

EnOS™ Application Enablement Platform​

Achieve agile innovation with application development made simple.