EnOS™ Advanced Analytics

Transform data into business value.

Explore how EnOS™ Advanced Analytics helped these customers transform.

Case Study: Intelligent Renewables (Smart Solar)

Malaysia's TNB Renewables Meets Growing Solar Demand with AIoT 

With Malaysia being equatorial, find out how TNB is leveraging cloud solutions to enhance solar energy demands.

Case Study: Intelligent Renewables (Smart Solar)

Japan's ORIX Mainstreams Renewables with Maintenance Transformation

What do you do with unused land? Build mega solar plants. Learn how Orix Renewable Energy Management is harnessing technology to generate renewable energy.

EnOS Advanced Analytics transforms data into real-time actionable insights. With advanced data techniques, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and sophisticated statistical methods, users can analyze past and present situations, while simulating future scenarios.

Move from descriptive and diagnostic assessment of equipment performance and failures, to predictive and prescriptive recommendations on what should be done to improve and optimize the lifecycle value of devices and assets.

EnOS™ Advanced Analytics Capabilities

  • Visualize. Breaks out system losses into 15 loss categories based on industry best practices – with deep dives for each. Provide flexibility to analyze loss from various asset levels and statistical dimensions.
  • Reveal. Explore operation data to find out asset health risks and underperformance issues. Directly offer root cause analysis and maintenance suggestions for different issue categories.
  • Prioritize. Delivers prioritized corrective action recommendations based on issue severity levels to cut labor-intensive processes and improve efficiency.

Key Benefits of EnOS™ Advanced Analytics

Turn your data into value.

For the business.

Make confident decisions that maximize revenues and minimizes costs. By transforming raw data into business intelligence and actionable insights.

Across business processes.

Reduce human intervention. Delivers high level automation to reduce manual errors and manpower requirements.

For your people.

Empower your workforce. Gain full visibility and better control over performance and operations.