System Engineer Intern

Under Envision Internship program, you will put your knowledge into Iot operations and maintenance which gives to enhance your skill sets in operational tools and Information technologies. This also gives you a unique perspective on how teams work together to perform customer delivery efficiently. You will be part of the operations and maintenance team with immense support from managers, mentors, and colleagues.  



06/12 months. Can commit to internship immediately or from Dec 2022 onwards 



  • Daily health check on Iot device and associated sub-devices/sensors falls under EDI (Envision Digital International Pte Ltd) 
  • First level troubleshooting with the onsite support team 
  • Validate Technical documentation for EDI devices 
  • Data integrity validation for IoT devices 
  • Inspecting IoT devices on a regular basis to maintain device health 
  • Conducting systems evaluation and making appropriate recommendations to modify designs or repair equipment 
  • Suggesting improvements to our Research & Development team with regard to IoT devices 
  • Generating documentation for error reporting and improvement recommendations 
  • Support EDI projects and documentation 
  • Basic cloud support 



  • Students studying a related engineering course 
  • A committed individual who can thrive in an environment with little to no supervision 
  • Adept at using basic electronics knowledge 
  • Understanding of the workings of IoT (Internet of Things) 
  • Able to participate in ad-hoc assignments such as project documentation. 

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