Operations & Maintenance Applications Intern

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Daily health check leasing devices under Envision Digital (EDI)  
  • Fist level troubleshooting with Site support team  
  • Validate technical documentation for EDI devices 
  • Data integrity validation for IoT devices 
  • Inspecting IoT devices on a regular basis to maintain device health  
  • Conducting systems evaluation and making appropriate recommendations to modify designs or repair equipment  
  • Suggesting improvements to our Research & Development team with regards to IoT devices  
  • Generating documentation for error reporting and improvement recommendations 
  • Any other related ad-hoc assignments  


Desired Skills and Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering or related engineering courses 
  • Committed individual who can thrive in an environment with little to no supervision  
  • Basic electronics knowledge  
  • Strong understanding of the workings of IoT (Internet of Things)  

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