IoT Engineering Intern

The intern is responsible for the collection, integration, and transformation of industrial data to the Cloud. This role requires a passion and a self-starter attitude to solve many of the technical challenges in an OT/IT environment. 

Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Provides solutions, deployment, and provisioning of Edge devices 
  • Solutioning and provisioning of Edge devices connectivity to the Cloud 
  • On-boarding of OT data to the Cloud 
  • Performs data validation against sensor and meter readings 
  • Provides proper project and engineering documentation 


Skills & Qualifications 

  • Background in Electrical and Computer Engineering or Computer Science 
  • Knowledge of OT and IT industrial protocols 
  • Knowledge of Linux commands 
  • Strong interest in edge or fog computing  
  • Strong interest in networking setups (DNS, DHCP, Firewall, Gateways, Routers) 
  • Strong interest in OT protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, IEC 104) 
  • Strong interest in IOT protocols (MQTT, AMQP, CoAP) 
  • Strong interest in messaging systems and queues (Kafka) 
  • Strong interest in API, webservice, and docker containers 


Capstone Project: IoT Engineering Subject Matter Expert Track 

This project aims to get various types of IoT data into Envision Digital’s EnOS platform. The area of work ranges from setting up connectivity between devices to EnOS Edge and EnOS Cloud to validating the correctness of data being collected. The student will have the opportunity to explore innovative ways of getting data through various protocols ranging from MODBUS, BACnet, OPC-UA, MQTT to NB-IoT. This project will enable the student to learn how to identify potential site issues and overcome them by various engineering methods. This project is suitable for students who are keen to explore an engineering career in IoT connectivity. 

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