IoT Edge Developer Intern


  • Build development tools to improve our developmental efficiency and guarantee work quality based on EnOS edge platform. 
  • Conduct investigation or research under the guidance of a mentor on a new area 
  • E.g., New technology stack investigation, CICD test pipeline or code quality enhancement tool. 
  • Actively conduct research in IoT systems regarding Smart City, Smart Buildings, Grid Optimisation, Real-Time System Operation and Control or other IoT businesses. 


Skills & Qualifications 

  • Bachelor/Master’s in computer science/Engineering or Software Engineering 
  • Basic knowledge in web development 
  • E.g., HTTP, REST API, Frontend and microservice, MySQL, Redis, NoSQL, etc. 
  • Proficient in at least 1 developing program language 
  • E.g., Go /C++ /Java /JavaScript /Python etc. 
  • Basic algorithm formulation and coding ability 
  • E.g., Sort, Binary Search 


Nice to Have 

  • Knowledge in Hardware, Embedded Development, Real-time Operation System, IoT Cloud 
  • Ability to use testing or debugging tools 
  • Full-stack ability in Frontend and Backend  
  • Knowledge of teamwork process  
  • E.g., Scrum, Agile, etc.   



  1. EnFlex Product Development
  • It’s a comprehensive IoT system platform about energy optimization, trading advisory and micro grid control in hardware, software and algorithm 
  • This role mainly focuses on software scope in building frontend and backend 
  • Besides developmental work, you will also experience work of a full stack engineer such as continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD) 


  1. Anomaly Detection Service for IOT device data
  • Building a common service by wrapping machine learning algorithm 
  • Detect anomaly data by this machine learning algorithm in specific IOT business 
  • Besides there are visible dashboard portal and related open API in anomaly detection service  


  1. Unified Micro Service Platform
  • Different IoT business scenarios have different optimization solution 
  • Build a unified platform with different common micro services to support different IoT business scenarios 
  • Build common infrastructure service like MQ, DB, Redis, DAO, Transaction 
  • Build common deployment platform like Docker, K8S, Chart 
  • Build common test platform like CI pipeline, integration test tool 


  1. New Tech Investigation
  • There are many new technologies as the IOT business progresses such as RTOS, Protocol, IoT popular concept and solution 
  • There are many new development technologies to investigate such as GOLANG, Cloud, System design, no-code/low-code design thought 
  • We are looking to deploy related new technology in our IoT system 

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