Case Study: Smart Spaces (Smart City)

Cambridgeshire Transforms into Smart City with Net Zero Agenda

How can AIoT empower a county’s smart city ambitions?
With an intelligent cloud platform that maximizes the value of its vast data sets.

Cambridgeshire accelerates net zero agenda.

  • Simplified

    Access to Sustainable Transport

  • Reduced

    Congestion – In and around the City

  • Streamlined

    Future Innovation Initiatives

About Cambridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire, one of the fastest growing counties in the UK, lies in the East of England, bordering Lincolnshire to the north, Norfolk to the north-east and Suffolk to the east.

The city of Cambridge is the county town.

Cambridgeshire’s Challenge.

Cambridgeshire wants to harness data, emerging technology and digital connectivity to transform the way people live, work and travel in the Greater Cambridge area and beyond. It also committed to a goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

To achieve its goals, the county chose Envision Digital as one of its technology partners to accelerate its smart city transformation and net zero agenda.

What Cambridgeshire Achieved.
Envision Digital helped Cambridgeshire fulfil the collective ambitions of its people.

Easier access to sustainable transport for residents.

Envision Digital’s intelligent AIoT EnOS™ cloud platform was selected to help maximize the value of Cambridgeshire’s vast data sets. This allowed the county to better analyze people, location, movement patterns, and more, to design easier access to sustainable transport for residents.

Reduce congestion, improve quality of life – in and around the city.

By enabling real-time and predictive travel and transport information, Cambridgeshire is helping commuters better plan their journeys. This reduces congestion, improving commuter experience, and raising the county’s overall livability levels.

Set a solid foundation for continuous transformation.

Cambridgeshire plans to continue improving its transport infrastructure. With Envision Digital’s EnOS™ cloud platform, the county can scale innovation in this area with confidence. Allowing it to explore easier payment options including integrated ticketing and online payments; smarter signaling; better monitoring of air quality; and future transport initiatives, including driverless vehicles.