Case Study: Smart Weather

Beijing Capital International Airport Runs Tighter
Air Traffic Ops with Accurate Weather Forecasts

How can intelligent technologies help an airport improve air traffic management?
By transforming advanced weather forecasting into smart operational decisions.

BCIA powers efficient aircraft takeoffs and landings.

  • Achieved 6-hour

    Wind Nowcast

  • Improved

    Airport Schedules

  • Avoided

    Costly Delays

About BCIA.

Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) is the one of the two main international airports serving the city of Beijing.

The airport is second busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, with an annual passenger throughput of >100M (2018). It also serves >290 destinations and is ranked Asia Pacific’s third best airport.

About Theme Tech.

Theme Tech is a long-term strategic partner for North China Air Traffic Management Bureau.

The company provides BCIA with its Aeronautical Meteorological Decision Support System for flight dispatch, ground operations and flight optimization.

The Challenge.

Faced with rapid passenger and cargo volume growth, BCIA needs to ensure operations stay efficient to uphold its reputation as an international aviation hub.

Weather conditions play a significant role in aviation operations. Unfavorable weather such as strong winds, extreme cold and heat, and low visibility conditions cause flight delays and disruptions which result in huge economic loss. Severe weather also poses safety risks, making it imperative for airports to minimize its impact every time lightning, hail, or typhoons enter the airport operational area.

BCIA, which is in the north of China, experiences frequent heavy rainfall in summer, and strong winds (sometimes even accompanied with dust) in winter and early spring. Consequently, BCIA needs accurate weather forecasts to ensure the safety of the passengers and minimize weather-related damage. 

To better support BCIA, Theme Tech sought innovative weather technologies to help enhance its offerings for air traffic operations.

What BCIA Achieved.

Envision Digital helped BCIA boost air traffic management efficiency.

Empower safe and efficient aircraft takeoffs and landings, with highly accurate forecasts.

By deploying Envision Digital’s proprietary weather forecasting system, EnWeather, BCIA’s traffic control center now gets highly accurate weather forecasts, including wind, precipitation, lightning, and icing conditions. This is helping BCIA make smarter operational decisions to empower safe and efficient aircraft takeoff and landing.

Optimize airport schedules, enhance airport reputation.

EnWeather gives BCIA the ability to control air traffic confidently regardless of weather conditions. This helps BCIA improve airport operations and optimize airport schedules. Which in turn enhances customer satisfaction, and its reputation as an international aviation hub.