Renewables and Intelligent IoT Technology are Redefining the Future

"Envision Redefines AIoT
From a Human Social Network to a Network of Machines"

Lei Zhang
Founder & CEO


Envision Digital

Envision Digital is a global AIoT technology leader, headquartered in Singapore, committed to accelerating the digital transformation and ecosystem development for industries and cities.

Envision Digital owns the world's leading AIoT operating system, EnOS™, which currently connects and manages over 50 million smart devices and over 100GW of energy assets globally. Based on EnOS™, Envision Digital offers integrated products and solutions for Smart Energy, Smart Building, Smart Industrial, Smart Mobility, Smart City, and other domains, which serve global energy utility, industrial and city government clients. Envision Digital is now partnering with Government Technology Agency of Singapore to host and operate the Device Management Control and Data Acquisition System (DECADA) , powered by EnOS™.

Envision Digital is proactively building a comprehensive AIoT and Smart City ecosystem with partners around the world including Microsoft, Keppel, Sonnen, ChargePoint, Protectwise and others.

Envision Group

Envision is a leading digital energy company with deep industry expertise. It owns the world-leading AIoT Operating System, EnOS™, which currently manages 100 GW of energy assets globally. By integrating with technology partners such as Sonnen, ChargePoint, AutoGrid, and Bazefield, Envision is able to deliver a compressive energy IoT platform and smart city ecosystem.

Founded in 2007, Envision's heritage is in the wind sector and is currently one of the industry's leading wind technology companies. Headquartered in Shanghai, Envision has regional offices across Asia, Europe, North and South Americas and has established global R&D and engineering centers in Singapore, Denmark, Germany, the United States and Japan. Envision’s mission is to “solve the challenges for a sustainable future”; the company is committed to creating a world of beautiful energy where everyone has access to clean, secure and affordable energy.

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